HARYBO – gominolas con kush.

It is the result of a cross of our Afghan endemic selection by an elite clone Skittles (USA), from our private reserve. This surprising cross is characterized by its hybrid vigor and a fast and easy adaptability to all climatologies and growing media, its production is very high, its structure is characterized by thick branches that support large and sticky floral clusters. The thickness of its glands is present from the first weeks of flowering, indoors and outdoors. Very low internodal distance. This variety cultivated in optimum conditions offers a return of more than 15%.



A crossbreed between our select endemic Afghan strain and an elite Zkittlez (USA) clone from our private reserve, this strain is known for its hybrid strength and quick, effortless adaptability to all types of climate conditions and growing media, and its vigorous production. Its structure features thick branches that support large, sticky, resin-filled buds and very short internodes. When cultivated under optimal conditions, this strain will provide a return in excess of 15%.

Taste: Jelly Beans with a tinge of Kush

Indoors: 2 wks vegetative stage under CFL lamps + 8 wks flowering stage under HPS lamps

Outdoors: Early October

Return: 600 gr/sqm

Prevalence: INDICA

1 unit: €7.50 – 3 units: €21.00 – 5 units: €32.50 – 10 units: €64.00

Additional information


Elite Skittles (USA)


2 weeks of vegetative growth and 8 weeks of flowering with Sodium.


Late September early October.


600 grams square meter.