About Laws and Jurisdiction we use current laws in Spain (34/2002 July 11th Law from information and online sales services).

  • All contents and access in r-kiemseeds.com is only for +18 years old in Spain. Check your own laws.
  • R-KIEM SEEDS doesn’t take responsibility if other people commit an offense according to their own laws.
  • Import, possession and traffic  of cannabis seeds are exempt from Drugs Unique Convention adjustment, Viena 1961. Where cannabis seeds were excluded from the list of Drugs submitted to international audit.
  • Check your laws about cannabis seeds. Every country has their own laws about that.
  • R-KIEM Seeds products are completely legal  in Spain under the condition they aren’t used with out of the law purposes. In this case, R-KIEM Seeds doesn’t accept any responsibility.
  • In case of anybody buys our products in a country where it is forbidden, R-KIEM Seeds isn’t responsible about the possibility of legal problems and he won’t refund any shipping retains or customs confiscation.