Our box has a system of security hologram label and adhesive for sealing of security, which is designed first of nobody except you can manipulate seeds before sale, and second to avoid the copy or replica fraudulent. The sticker on the top, must be completely closed, and no marks our seeds are always sold within our boxes, if someone sells you seeds out of a box and says that it is R-Kiem Seeds, not what is.

R-Kiem Seeds seed containers are equipped with moisture-proof materials to preserve the unique qualities of each seed. We pack our seeds inplastic tube that we protect with polyethylene foam and small balls of silica gel to absorb the humidity, finally snaps the plastic tube, hermetically closed inside the box fort he  transport.

All our boxes have a serial number on the inside tab top, for R-kiem Seeds this number it is our internal control of our group of strains for yous is you’r number ID for you’r pack.