2y2 is born from a cross between two clones known to most growers interested in the latest trends in genetics from the USA. After several tests, the female selected as a pollen receptor was one of the most potent, purple Punch’s Alpha Cut clone and the clone selected as male was Norcal Do-Si-Dos, Indica with good vegetative vigour with impressive production of glandular trichomes, in addition to THC indices well above average.

The growth rate is similar in both, so it is easy to maintain a homogeneous canopia in the crop to make the most of the light, we advise that this period does not last more than 4/5 weeks.

CRUCE Alpha Cut Purple Punch x Norcal Do-Si-Dos

SABOR Fuel nuances and ripe blackberries

INTERIOR 7-8 weeks

OUTDOOR Mid-Autumn

PRODUCTION 500gr x m2