Hybrid made with the renowned Dutch variety of Amnesia that remains today one of the most used and consumed varieties in all coffee shops in Amsterdam. Our breeders have stabilized this elite clone, with an autoflowering Haze variety and after 5 generations have been able to obtain a good example in autoflowering format of the Amnesia breed.

Large in size, reaching 1m – 1.2m high and production of compact and resinous flowers of 500 grs x m2. Outdoors the production can reach up to 100 grs. per plant, controlling the growing factors properly and photoperiod. Flavor and aroma characteristic of this mythical breed, aroma of incense and very intense citrus nuances. Taste similar to sour lemon ice cream. Its energetic effect, but with a very powerful body load. Your THC can be up to 20%.

GENOTYPE: Autoflowering Hybrid 100% Amnesia
SAT/IND: 75/25 %
FLOWERING TIME: 75 days from germination. (EXT/ INT)
HEIGHT: 100 cm – 120 cm.
PRODUCTION: 500gr x m2