The result of this combination of genetics offers us a spectacular hybrid with a more indica and unknown trend so far.
These beautiful specimens offer us, a dark green bud with violet touches that is really covered with trichomes and crystals. It’s an incredibly dense nugget with brown pistils intertwined everywhere.
This variety offers us a relaxed and very creative experience, but that if you abuse it, it will leave you deep in bed. Also, take out your best snacks because they will taste good and the good food will taste excellent.
Variety that offers 3 phenotypes within the same genotype, plants very easy to grow and with a very good nutrient assimilation.
Its production is medium/high offering us really spectacular outdoor results. Its easy adaptability to humid climates makes it an essential variety in your crop!


CROSSING: Raspberry Kush x Girl Scout Cookies

TASTE: Peach kush and nuances reminiscent of kiwi

INDOOR: 9 weeks

OUTDOORS: Mid-Autumn

PRODUCTION: 500-600gr x m2