With the name of this variety we have focused on paying homage to “EL XUPET NEGRE” mythical urban artist from La Ciudad Condal, Barcelona. Precursor of streetart and Logoart, that has been delighting us since 1987 with its paintings on the streets of Barcelona and around the world. Therefore, we want to present the wonderful cross of the selection of RABID HIPPIE CUT by GMO that stands out for its great production and large amount of resin that produces in its flowering offering a plant with an adaptability to different growing media and obtaining spectacular results.

We are talking about one of the most complete hybrids where a large production of sticky and resinous flowers merges along with a spectacular final product, without leaving aside its peculiar terpenes chain. But we also talk about a variety for experienced growers because, if different stressors occur in the crop, it is a variety that can give some male inflorescence in 2% of the specimens, therefore it is a fact to consider given its American offspring.

This variety offers a very compact structure in all its specimens, with a characteristic dark green and that at the time of flowering will be completely covered by a thick coat of resin. It is an ideal variety for fans of extractions and powerful effects. What can be clearly highlighted about the variety EL XUPET NEGRE is its high concentration of terpenes and the psychoactive potency of its specimens.



ACROSS: Rabid Hippie Cut x GMO

SAVOUR: The flavors of gasoline predominate, biscuits with sweeter hints of cream

INDOOR: 75-80 days

OUTDOOR: Mid-Autumn

PRODUCTION: 500-600gr x m2


THC: 31%