We want to present one of the crosses with the greatest amount of resin that you can find in the Cannabis sector with the percentage of cannabinoids we offer you, we are talking about percentages of 0.4% to 0.7% THC and 14% to 19% CBD.

A plant with a pyramidal structure and accompanied by several satellite lines, its production is high and will accompany us with spectacular branches at 45 degrees filled from end to end with sticky and tasty flowers.

Its citrus flavor accompanied by sweet nuances will remind us of fruits or go from the forest. These female seeds offer us the possibility of being able to have a plant with large amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids within reach of anyone.


ACROSS: Hercules x Pure sativa Nepal

TASTE: Citrus, fruits or go

INDOOR: 3 sem. CFL light growth 9-10 weeks flowering

OUTDOORS: Mid-Autumn

PRODUCTION: 500-650gr x m2 (Indoor and Outdoor)


THC/CBD: 0.4-0.7%/14-19%