KLEMENTINE an excellent and tasty hybrid between Tangerine Sunrise (named as one of the top 10 plants in Colorado in 2014) and Gupta Kush. This hybrid comes from a cross between Tangerine Sunrise and Gupta Kush, from which these regular VERSION F1 seeds were obtained. Tangerine Sunrise is a cross between Hawaiian Sunrise (a spectacular Hawaiian Sativa) and Tangenesia, a hybrid between Tangerine Haze and (Ghiesel x Amnesia Haze). It is a variety with a strong orange aroma with delicious Haze and musk notes, a plant especially popular in Colorado in part thanks to its euphoric and positive effect.

The result, KLEMENTINE KUSH combines the delicious citrus and sweet notras of the Hawaiian parent with the earthy and musked taste of Gupta Kush, providing a Kush flavor especially complex and rich in nuances reminiscent of oranges and mandarins accompanied by a clear and Sativa-dominant effect, ideal for the day to day.


GENOTYPE: Tangerine Sunrise x Gupta kush

TASTE: Orange and tangerine flavor accompanied by a clear and predominant effect

INTERIOR: 58-65 days

OUTDOORS: Mid-Autumn

PRODUCTION: 700 gr/m (indoor-outdoor)


THC: 25%